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News & Initiatives
  1. Sickle Cell Walk
    SEP 22
    Sickle Cell Walk
    BUFFALO NY August 2007---Alpha Beta Sigma Sorority, Incorporated announces their 7th Annual Sickle Cell Walk for Education and Awareness to be held on September 22, 2007 in McCarthy Park.
  2. Walk for Mental Health
    JUN 24
    Walk for Mental Health
    Alpha Beta Sigma Sorority, Inc at Delta Colony, walking for mental health treatment and awareness
  3. Beta College Prep
    FEB 26
    Beta College Prep
    Annual college prep seminar hosted by Gamma Alpha chapter Sorors. Providing enlightenment.
  4. Sickle Cell Auction
    SEP 12
    Sickle Cell Auction
    Annual date auction for Sickle Cell research and awareness. Hosted by Alpha Chapter, and the Black Student Union of the University at Buffalo, in Buffalo NY.
  5. Sickle Cell Awareness Day
    SEP 14
    Sickle Cell Awareness Day
    During Alpha Beta Sigma's Second Annual Sickle Cell Walk of WNY the sorority was presented with a proclamation from the City of Buffalo, presented by Council Woman Betty J. Grant, in which the city has officially declared Sept 14th "Sickle Cell Awareness Day" in Buffalo, NY.
  6. Uncrowned Queens
    MAY 16
    Uncrowned Queens
    The Uncrowned Queens Institute for Research and Education on Women, Inc. conducts research on the issues affecting women of color. Alpha Beta Sigma Sorority, Incorporated is honored to have been inducted into and named Uncrowned Queens.

Annual Sickle Cell Walk - Buffalo, NY

Est. 1999

Founded by the ladies of Alpha Beta Sigma Sorority Incorporated, a non-profit organization founded at the State University of New York at Buffalo. In 1999 as sophomore college students, the ladies of Alpha Beta Sigma learned that the young daughter of a fellow classmate suffered from Sickle Cell Disease. After researching the statistics and facts behind the disease they chose to focus their local and National philanthropic efforts on Sickle Cell awareness and fundraising for the cure. Since their inception this organizationhas been dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals and families living with Sickle Cell Disease, through education, advocacy and support interactions. The walk began in 2000 and continues to be a success and it has raised approximately $25,000 with the help of local community leaders, local businesses and the Buffalo college community. With the strides that have been made, in 2001 the City of Buffalo declared September 15 “Sickle Cell Awareness Day” on behalf of Alpha Beta Sigma Sorority, Incorporated.

Jael Tabina Moore
Sickle Cell Fund

Est. 1999

Established in September of 1999 after a converstation between Soror Naeemah Carre, Soror Shavonne Wyche, and Jacquie Moore (Jael's mother). In this conversation Jacquie expressed her feelings on the lack of attention and funds given to people suffering from Sickle Cell, namely African Americans. Jacquie went on to tell us that her daughter suffers from this disease and that she wanted to do something to help her daughter and others like her combat this illness. The ladies of Alpha Beta Sigma decided to help Jacquie and Jael Moore. This marked the birth of the fund.
Our first step was to research the illness. Once we enlightened ourselves we began to plan projects that would help bring about awareness and funds for Sickle Cell.
**If you would like to Donate money or have ideas on how we can help raise awareness for Sickle Cellyou may contact us at [email protected]
Annual Sickle Events hosted by chapters/colonies:
Charity Auction 
Sickle Cell Walk 
Christmas Party


Est. 2000

This event is designed to enrich the lives of children. The program consists of numerous activities in which we enlighten the children on the three cultures that we represent (African, Caribbean, and Latino). We focus on basic facts about these cultures, for example by telling folklores, facilitating arts and crafts, showcasing various cultural cuisines and cultural performances.  The purpose of this program is to educate and enlighten children who are of Caribbean, Latino, and African culture. Teaching them to take pride in who they are and where they come from, and promoting tolerance and understanding amoung those of the 3 culture and those who are not of these cultures. Each year we plan to work with either a local community center, after school program or elementary school.